This document is relevant for: Inf1, Inf2, Trn1, Trn1n

Neuron System Tools#

Neuron Tools []#

Date: 07/03/2024

New in the release#

  • Profile captured with Neuron Runtime 2.20+ now includes annotations with additional information such as duration, size, and replica groups around collective operations.

  • Running neuron-profile capture for workloads with collectives will now attempt to use the required number of workers if –collectives-workers-per-node or –collectives-worker-count is not set.

  • Profiler UI now persists searched information in the URL and provides a summary of the search results.

  • Updating sampling approach to show more representative data in the profiler UI when zoomed out.

  • Updated groupings for displayed info on click in the profiler UI.

  • Added neuron_device_type and neuron_device_memory_size to neuron-monitor’s hardware information output.

Bug fixes#

  • Resolved issue where NaN would be seen in the JSON output of neuron-profile and result in parsing errors.

  • Resolved inconsistent timeline display issues in profiler UI that depended on when the profile was processed.

  • neuron-profile view –output-format summary-text will now display in a fixed order.

  • Updated accuracy of pending DMA count in the profiler UI.

  • Removed unnecessary calls to exec when capturing memory utilization metrics in neuron-monitor.

Neuron Tools []#

Date: 04/01/2024

Bug fixes#

  • Fixed potential hang during synchronization step in nccom-test.

Neuron Tools []#

Date: 02/13/2024

New in the release#

  • Added support to neuron-profile for collective communication operator improvements in Neuron SDK 2.17. See Neuron Runtime Release Notes for more info.

  • Optimized count query for sampling in neuron-profile UI for up to 3x faster load performance.

  • Introduced warning annotations in neuron-profile UI to automatically highlight potential performance issues. See the Neuron Profile User Guide for more info.

Bug fixes#

  • Resolved issue of inaccurate execution time reported by neuron-profile as mentioned in Neuron Tools release notes.

  • Fixed NaN display errors in the neuron-profile UI.

  • Fixed file naming issue when capturing collectives profiles with neuron-profile.

Neuron Tools []#

Date: 12/21/2023

New in the release#

  • First release of the Neuron Distributed Event Tracing tool neuron-det to visualize execution for multi-node workloads. Get started with the Neuron Distributed Event Tracing (NDET) User Guide.

  • neuron-profile now has the ability to capture multi-worker jobs. See the Neuron Profile User Guide for more info.

  • Added terminology descriptions to neuron-profile summary statistics. To view through the CLI, use neuron-profile view --terminology To view in the UI, hover over the key in the summary.

  • Added optional flags to neuron-profile view to change the InfluxDB bucket name (--db-bucket <bucket name>) and profile display name (--display-name <name>).

Bug fixes#

  • Fixed bug where GPSimd summary values were missing in the profile summary.

  • Fixed issue in nccom-test to no longer expect Neuron Device 0 in a container environemnt.

  • Fixed issue in nccom-test to no longer require the instance launching nccom-test to be participating in the workload.

Known issues#

  • Execution time reported in neuron-profile is sometimes in-accurate due to a bug in how the time is captured. The bug will be address in upcoming Neuron releases.

Neuron Tools []#

Date: 10/26/2023

New in the release:

  • Fixed bug in neuron-profile that may result in a crash when using the NeuronCore Pipeline feature on Inf1.

  • Improved visibility of summary stats in the profiler UI with added groupings.

  • Added support for alltoall CC operation in nccom-test.

Neuron Tools []#

Date: 09/15/2023

New in the release:

  • Added legend in neuron-ls to clarify wrap around edges for topology view.

  • Improved error messaging when passing invalid arguments to neuron-profile view.

  • Fixed bug in neuron-profile that incorrectly calculated buffer utilization for more recently compiled NEFFs.

  • Fixed bug in neuron-profile where the profile would sometimes include additional idle time while waiting for execution to start.

  • Profiler output now includes HLO name in addition to framework layer names.

  • neuron-profile view now has --output-format json option which will write to a file specified by --output-file <name> (default is ntff.json) instead of writing data to InfluxDB.

Neuron Tools []#

Date: 08/28/2023

New in the release:

  • --check option of nccom-test now supports more data types (fp16, bf16, (u)int8, (u)int16, and (u)int32 are now supported in addition to fp32)

  • Fixed bug in nccom-test that would wait indefinitely for execution to end when running on multiple instances (-N 2 and higher).

  • Fixed bug in neuron-profile to prevent a crash during utilization calculation

Neuron Tools []#

Date: 7/19/2023

New in the release:

  • Bumped the max supported profiling NTFF version to version 2 to resolve crashes when postprocessing NTFFs captured with newer versions of the Neuron Runtime Library. When viewing profiles captured using Neuron Runtime Library 2.15 or above, please upgrade tools to 2.12. This version of Neuron tools remains compatible with NTFF version 1.

  • Bug fixes for neuron-profile related to the calculation of some summary stats.

Neuron Tools []#

Date: 6/14/2023

New in the release:

  • nccom-test can now show multiple latency stats in the results table, such as average or percentiles, by specifying the -s option (for example: -s p10 p99 avg p50).

  • First public support for neuron-profile as a standalone tool that can be used to profile executions on Neuron Devices. Visit the Neuron Tools documentation page for more details on how to use the Neuron Profiler.

Neuron Tools []#

Date: 05/01/2023

New in the release:

  • Added new Neuron Collectives benchmarking tool, nccom-test, to enable benchmarking sweeps on various Neuron Collective Communication operations. See new nccom-test documentation under System Tools for more details.

  • Expanded support for Neuron profiling to include runtime setup/teardown times and collapsed execution of NeuronCore engines and DMA. See Tensorboard release notes and tutorial for more details.

Neuron Tools []#

Date: 03/28/2023

New in the release:

  • Updated neuron-top to show effective FLOPs across all NeuronCores.

Neuron Tools []#

Date: 02/24/2023

New in the release:

  • Updated neuron-top to show aggregated utilization/FLOPs across all NeuronCores.

Neuron Tools []#

Date: 02/08/2023

New in the release:

  • Added support for model FLOPS metrics in both neuron-monitor and neuron-top. More details can be found in the Neuron Tools documentation.

Neuron Tools []#

Date: 12/09/2022

This release adds support for profiling with the Neuron Plugin for TensorBoard on TRN1. Please check out the documentation Neuron Plugin for TensorBoard (Trn1).

New in the release:

  • Updated profile post-processing for workloads executed on TRN1

Neuron Tools []#

Date: 11/07/2022

New in the release:

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Neuron Tools []#

Date: 10/26/2022

New in the release:

  • New neuron-monitor and neuron-top feature: memory utilization breakdown. This new feature provides more details on how memory is being currently used on the Neuron Devices as well as on the host instance.

  • neuron-top’s UI layout has been updated to accommodate the new memory utilization breakdown feature.

  • neuron-monitor’s inference_stats metric group was renamed to execution_stats. While the previous release still supported inference_stats, starting this release the name inference_stats is considered deprecated and can’t be used anymore.


For more details on the new memory utilization breakdown feature in neuron-monitor and neuron-top check out the full user guides: Neuron Monitor User Guide and Neuron Top User Guide.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix a rare crash in neuron-top when the instance is under heavy CPU load.

  • Fix process names on the bottom tab bar of neuron-top sometimes disappearing for smaller terminal window sizes.

Neuron Tools []#

Date: 10/10/2022

This release adds support for both EC2 INF1 and TRN1 platforms. Name of the package changed from aws-neuron-tools to aws-neuronx-tools. Please remove the old package before installing the new one.

New in the release:

  • Added support for ECC counters on Trn1

  • Added version number output to neuron-top

  • Expanded support for longer process tags in neuron-monitor.

  • Removed hardware counters from the default neuron-monitor config to avoid sending repeated errors - will add back in future release.

  • neuron-ls - Added option neuron-ls --topology with ASCII graphics output showing the connectivity between Neuron Devices on an instance. This feature aims to help in understanding pathways between Neuron Devices and in exploiting code or data locality.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix neuron-monitor and neuron-top to show the correct Neuron Device when running in a container where not all devices are present.

Neuron Tools []#

Date: 04/29/2022

  • Minor updates

Neuron Tools [2.0.790.0]#

Date: 03/25/2022

  • neuron-monitor: fixed a floating point error when calculating CPU utilization.

Neuron Tools [2.0.623.0]#

Date: 01/20/2022

New in the release:

  • neuron-top - Added “all” tab that aggregates all aggregate all running Neuron processes into a single view.

  • neuron-top - Improved startup time to approximately 1.5 seconds in most cases.

  • neuron-ls - Removed header message about updating tools from neuron-ls output

Bug fixes:

  • neuron-top - Reduced single CPU core usage down to 0.7% from 80% on inf1.xlarge when running neuron-top by switching to an event-driven approach for screen updates.

Neuron Tools [2.0.494.0]#

Date: 12/27/2021

  • Security related updates related to log4j vulnerabilities.

Neuron Tools [2.0.327.0]#

Date: 11/05/2021

  • Updated Neuron Runtime (which is integrated within this package) to libnrt to fix a container issue that was preventing the use of containers when /dev/neuron0 was not present. See details here neuron-runtime-release-notes.

Neuron Tools []#

Date: 10/27/2021

New in this release:

  • Tools now support applications built with Neuron Runtime 2.x (


  • Updates have been made to neuron-ls and neuron-top to significantly improve the interface and utility of information provided.

  • Expands neuron-monitor to include additional information when used to monitor latest Frameworks released with Neuron 1.16.0.

    neuron_hardware_info Contains basic information about the Neuron hardware.

    "neuron_hardware_info": {
       "neuron_device_count": 16,
       "neuroncore_per_device_count": 4,
       "error": ""
    • neuron_device_count : number of available Neuron Devices

    • neuroncore_per_device_count : number of NeuronCores present on each Neuron Device

    • error : will contain an error string if any occurred when getting this information (usually due to the Neuron Driver not being installed or not running).

  • neuron-cli entering maintenance mode as it’s use is no longer relevant when using ML Frameworks with an integrated Neuron Runtime ( see 10/27/2021 - Neuron support for Apache MXNet 1.5 enters maintenance mode for more information.

  • For more information visit Neuron Tools

This document is relevant for: Inf1, Inf2, Trn1, Trn1n