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What’s New

Neuron 1.19.2 (08/02/2022)

Neuron 1.19.2 This is a patch release. The release include a security update for Neuron Driver (aws-neuron-dkms) and includes compiler bug fix that ignore MXNet dropout for ‘training’ while performing inference. Please update the Neuron Driver to the latest (version 2.3.26 or newer) so that you can benefit from operational and security updates included in this release.


You must update to the latest Neuron Driver (aws-neuron-dkms version 2.3.26 or newer) before installing or upgrading to latest Neuron release.
  • Uninstall aws-neuron-dkms by running: sudo apt remove aws-neuron-dkms or sudo yum remove aws-neuron-dkms

  • Install or upgrade to latest Neuron driver (aws-neuron-dkms) by following the “Setup Guide” instructions.