This document is relevant for: Inf1, Trn1

Setup Guide#

This section walks you through the various options to install Neuron. You have to install Neuron on Trainium and Inferentia powered instances to enable deep-learning acceleration.

PyTorch Neuron


AutoScalingGroups is currently not supported on Trn1 and will be added soon.

To launch a Trn1 cluster you can use AWS ParallelCluster, please see example.


Neuron Driver installed on Deep Learning AMI (DLAMI) with Conda does not support Trn1.

If you want to use DLAMI with Conda, please make sure to uninstall aws-neuron-dkms and install aws-neuronx-dkms before using Neuron on DLAMI with Conda.

This document is relevant for: Inf1, Trn1