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NeuronPerf Terminology#

  • Model Inputs - An individual input or list of inputs - Example: inputs = [(torch.ones((batch_size, 5))) for batch_size in batch_sizes] - Each input is associated with the batch_sizes specified, in the same order - Each input is fed individually to a corresponding model - If an input is provided as a tuple, it will be destructured to model(*input) to support multiple args - See NeuronPerf Framework Notes for framework-specific requirements

  • Latency
    • Time to execute a single model(input)

    • Typically measured in milliseconds

  • Model
    • Your data model; varies by framework. See NeuronPerf Framework Notes

    • Models may be wrapped by submodules (torch, tensorflow, mxnet) as callables

  • Model Index
    • A JSON file that tracks compiled model artifacts

  • Model Inputs
    • A tuple of inputs passed to a model, i.e. a single complete example

    • Example: input = (torch.ones((5, 3, 224, 224)),)

  • Throughput
    • Inferences / second

This document is relevant for: Inf1