Neuron Tools 2.x Release Notes

This documents lists the release notes for AWS Neuron tools. Neuron tools are used for debugging, profiling and gathering inferentia system information.

Neuron Tools release [2.0.623.0]

Date: 01/20/2022

New in the release

  • neuron-top - Added “all” tab that aggregates all aggregate all running Neuron processes into a single view.

  • neuron-top - Improved startup time to approximately 1.5 seconds in most cases.

  • neuron-ls - Removed header message about updating tools from neuron-ls output

Bug fixes

  • neuron-top - Reduced single CPU core usage down to 0.7% from 80% on inf1.xlarge when running neuron-top by switching to an event-driven approach for screen updates.

Neuron Tools release [2.0.494.0]

Date: 12/27/2021

  • Security related updates related to log4j vulnerabilities.

Neuron Tools release [2.0.327.0]

Date: 11/05/2021

  • Updated Neuron Runtime (which is integrated within this package) to libnrt to fix a container issue that was preventing the use of containers when /dev/neuron0 was not present. See details here Neuron Runtime 2.x Release Notes.

Neuron Tools release []

Date: 10/27/2021

New in this release

  • Tools now support applications built with Neuron Runtime 2.x (


  • Updates have been made to neuron-ls and neuron-top to significantly improve the interface and utility of information provided.

  • Expands neuron-monitor to include additional information when used to monitor latest Frameworks released with Neuron 1.16.0.

    neuron_hardware_info Contains basic information about the Neuron hardware.

    "neuron_hardware_info": {
       "neuron_device_count": 16,
       "neuroncore_per_device_count": 4,
       "error": ""
    • neuron_device_count : number of available Neuron Devices

    • neuroncore_per_device_count : number of NeuronCores present on each Neuron Device

    • error : will contain an error string if any occurred when getting this information (usually due to the Neuron Driver not being installed or not running).

  • neuron-cli entering maintenance mode as it’s use is no longer relevant when using ML Frameworks with an integrated Neuron Runtime ( see Neuron support for Apache MXNet 1.5 enters maintenance mode for more information.

  • For more information visit Neuron Tools