This document is relevant for: Inf1, Inf2, Trn1, Trn1n

Get Started with PyTorch Neuron#

This page provide links that will assist you to quickly start with PyTorch Neuron for both Inference and Training.


Below instructions are for Ubuntu20, if you looking for complete setup instructions for different platforms, please Check Here.

Launch the Instance
  • Please follow the instructions at launch an Amazon EC2 Instance to Launch an instance, when choosing the instance type at the EC2 console. Please make sure to select the correct instance type.

  • To get more information about instances sizes and pricing see: Trn1 web page, Inf2 web page, Inf1 web page

  • Select your Amazon Machine Image (AMI) of choice, please note that Neuron supports Amazon Linux 2 AMI(HVM) - Kernel 5.10.

  • When launching a Trn1, please adjust your primary EBS volume size to a minimum of 512GB.

  • After launching the instance, follow the instructions in Connect to your instance to connect to the instance


If you are facing a connectivity issue during the model loading process on a Trn1 instance with Ubuntu, that could probably be because of Ubuntu limitations with multiple interfaces. To solve this problem, please follow the steps mentioned here.

Users are highly encouraged to use DLAMI to launch the instances, since DLAMIs come with the required fix.

Install Drivers and Tools
# Configure Linux for Neuron repository updates
. /etc/os-release
sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/neuron.list > /dev/null <<EOF
wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -

# Update OS packages 
sudo apt-get update -y

# Install OS headers 
sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) -y

# Install git 
sudo apt-get install git -y

# install Neuron Driver
sudo apt-get install aws-neuronx-dkms=2.* -y

# Install Neuron Runtime 
sudo apt-get install aws-neuronx-collectives=2.* -y
sudo apt-get install aws-neuronx-runtime-lib=2.* -y

# Install Neuron Tools 
sudo apt-get install aws-neuronx-tools=2.* -y

# Add PATH
export PATH=/opt/aws/neuron/bin:$PATH
Install PyTorch Neuron (torch-neuron)
# Install Python venv 
sudo apt-get install -y python3.8-venv g++ 

# Create Python venv
python3.8 -m venv aws_neuron_venv_pytorch_inf1 

# Activate Python venv 
source aws_neuron_venv_pytorch_inf1/bin/activate 
python -m pip install -U pip 

# Install Jupyter notebook kernel
pip install ipykernel 
python3.8 -m ipykernel install --user --name aws_neuron_venv_pytorch_inf1 --display-name "Python (torch-neuron)"
pip install jupyter notebook
pip install environment_kernels

# Set pip repository pointing to the Neuron repository 
python -m pip config set global.extra-index-url

# Install PyTorch Neuron
python -m pip install torch-neuron neuron-cc[tensorflow] "protobuf" torchvision
Run Tutorial
Visit PyTorch Neuron section for more

This document is relevant for: Inf1, Inf2, Trn1, Trn1n