This document is relevant for: Inf1, Inf2, Trn1, Trn1n

Roadmap FAQ#

Why did you build this?#

A: We know that our customers are making decisions and plans based on what we are developing, and we want to provide them with the right visibility to what we are working on, as well as the opportunity to provide direct feedback.

What do the roadmap categories mean?#

  • Roadmap Requests - Requests we received and we are considering to add to the roadmap, this is a great phase to give us feedback and let us know if you need this feature as well.

  • Working on it - In progress, we might still be working through the implementation details, or scoping stuff out. This is a great phase to give us feedback as to how you want to see something implemented. We’ll benefit from your specific use cases here.

  • Completed - Feature complete and supported by Neuron.

Why are there no dates on your roadmap?#

A: We are not providing exact target dates for releases because we prioritize operational excellence, security and quality over hitting a specific date. If you have an urgent need for a feature, please contact us directly at

Is everything on the roadmap?#

A: We are focusing on upgrades for existing features, as well as building new features. We will keep adding features and capabilities to this roadmap as time progresses.

How can I provide feedback or ask for more information?#

A: When in doubt, please create an issue or post a question on the AWS Neuron support forum.

How can I request a feature be added to the roadmap?#

A: We encourage you to open an issue. All community-submitted issues will be reviewed by the roadmap maintainers.

Can I “+1” existing issues?#

A:We strongly encourage you to do so, as it helps us understand which issues will have the widest impact. You can navigate to the issue details page and add a reaction (thumbs up). There are six types of reactions supported (thumbs down “-1”, confused, heart, watching, laugh, hooray, and thumbs up +1).

This document is relevant for: Inf1, Inf2, Trn1, Trn1n