This document is relevant for: Inf1, Trn1

TensorFlow Neuron#

TensorFlow Neuron unlocks high-performance and cost-effective deep learning acceleration on AWS Trainium-based and Inferentia-based Amazon EC2 instances.

TensorFlow Neuron enables native TensorFlow models to be accelerated on Neuron devices, so you can use your existing framework application and get started easily with minimal code changes.

Setup Guide for Inf1
Tutorials (tensorflow-neuron)
  • Tensorflow 1.x - Running TensorFlow BERT-Large with AWS Neuron [html]

  • Tensorflow 2.x - HuggingFace Pipelines distilBERT with Tensorflow2 Neuron [html] [notebook]

  • Tensorflow 1.x - Using NEURON_RT_VISIBLE_CORES with TensorFlow Serving [html]

Additional Examples (tensorflow-neuron)
API Reference Guide (tensorflow-neuron)


TensorFlow Neuron support is coming soon.

This document is relevant for: Inf1, Trn1