Install Neuron Tensorboard

To install Tensorboard, first enable ML framework Conda environment of your choice, by running one of the following:

  • Enable PyTorch-Neuron Conda enviroment:

source activate aws_neuron_pytorch_p36
  • Enable TensorFlow-Neuron Conda enviroment:

    source activate aws_neuron_tensorflow_p36
  • Enable MXNet-Neuron Conda enviroment:

    source activate aws_neuron_mxnet_p36

Then run the following:

pip install tensorboard-neuron
  • Installing tensorflow-neuron will automatically install tensorboard-neuron as a dependency

  • To verify tensorboard-neuron is installed correctly, run tensorboard_neuron -h | grep run_neuron_profile. If nothing is shown, please retry installation with the --force-reinstall option.