What’s New

Neuron 1.16.2 (12/15/2021)

Neuron 1.16.2 is a patch release. This release include performance enhancements and minor bug fixes in Neuron Compiler and PyTorch Neuron.

Neuron 1.16.1 (11/05/2021)

Neuron 1.16.1 is a patch release. This release fixes a bug in Neuron Runtime that would have prevented users from launching a container that doesn’t use all of the Neuron Devices in the instance. If you are using Neuron within a container, please update to this new release by updating to latest Neuron ML framework package, Neuron Tools, and/or TensorFlow Neuron Model Server.

  • To update to latest PyTorch 1.9.1: pip install --upgrade torch-neuron neuron-cc[tensorflow] torchvision

  • To update to latest TensorFlow 2.5.1: pip install --upgrade tensorflow-neuron[cc]

  • To update to latest TensorFlow 1.15.5: pip install --upgrade tensorflow-neuron==1.15.5.* neuron-cc

  • To update to latest MXNet 1.8.0: pip install --upgrade mx_neuron neuron-cc

For more details on how to update the framework packages, please check out our QuickStart guides.

Neuron 1.16.0 (10/27/2021)

Neuron 1.16.0 is a release that requires your attention. You must update to the latest Neuron Driver ( aws-neuron-dkms version 2.1 or newer) for successful installation or upgrade.

This release introduces Neuron Runtime 2.x, upgrades PyTorch Neuron to PyTorch 1.9.1, adds support for new APIs (torch.neuron.DataParallel() and torch_neuron.is_available()), adds new features and capabilities (compiler --fast-math option for better fine-tuning of accuracy/performance and MXNet FlexEG feature), improves tools, adds support for additional operators, improves performance (Up to 20% additional throughput and up to 25% lower latency), and reduces model loading times. It also simplifies Neuron installation steps, and improves the user experience of container creation and deployment. In addition it includes bug fixes, new application notes, updated tutorials, and announcements of software deprecation and maintenance.