Neuron runtime FAQs

Q: How does Neuron connect to all the Inferentia chips in an Inf1 instance?

By default, a single runtime process will manage all assigned Inferentias, including running the Neuron Core Pipeline mode. if needed, you can configure multiple KRT processes each managing a separate group of Inferentia chips. For more details please refer to Overview

Q: Where can I get logging and other telemetry information?

See this document on how to collect logs: Using Neuron GatherInfo Tool to collect debug and support information

Q: What about RedHat or other versions of Linux?

We dont officially support it yet.

Q: What about Windows?

Windows is not supported at this time.

Q: How can I use Neuron in a container based environment? Does Neuron work with ECS and EKS?

ECS and EKS support is coming soon. Containers can be configured as shown here.

Q: How can I take advantage of multiple NeuronCores to run multipleinferences in parallel?

Examples of this for TensorFlow are found here as well as for MXNet here